A/B Testing Idea #193 - Add a countdown timer for earliest delivery times

Tactic_Add a countdown timer for earliest delivery times


By adding a countdown timer showing how long they have left to purchase a product in order to get it delivered at the earliest possible time, a sense of urgency is added which will make the customer more inclined to make a quick purchase. Having this window of opportunity clearly displayed will encourage customers to purchase before they miss out on the offer of early delivery (whether that be next day or by a certain date).

Research has shown that we are susceptible to immediate gratification so are more likely to want to buy a product we know we will receive in a short amount of time.


  • Immediacy effect (Ainslie, 1975; Laibson, 1997; Bickel; Odum & Madden, 1999; Frederick; Loewenstein & O’Donoghue, 2002)

The Research

Immediacy effect

The Immediacy Effect is a cognitive bias that leads people, when presented with two similar possible things, to have a greater desire for the one that will arrive or take place soonest. This even leads us to prefer an immediate reward over a higher-value, delayed reward.

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