8 Best Data A/B Testing Ideas

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #12 - Display low stock availability

Displaying the number of items left in stock will motivate people to make their purchase more quickly in order to avoid missing out. The more difficult or urgent it is to acquire an item, or the more…

A/B Testing Idea #29 - Select a price which has the smallest amount of letters possible

Choosing a price with fewer syllables removes a little of the cognitive strain from your customer and things which are quicker and easier to understand are instantly more familiar. The clearer you can…

A/B Testing Idea #104 - Emotion and rational purchasing decisions: implications for rounding prices

Our brains process prices differently depending on whether a purchase is guided by rationality (for example for non-luxury, necessary goods) or by emotions (those products which we buy to make us happy…

A/B Testing Idea #116 - When price is below 100 ($,£,€) show discounts in percentage form rather than in absolute value

By displaying discounts in percentage rather than in value when product price is below 100 (£/$/€), you make your promotions seem as attractive as possible by altering the way you frame…

A/B Testing Idea #118 - Give discounts which are simple to calculate

Using precise, non-rounded numbers is a good way of making your prices seem smaller but one occasion when you don't want to do this is when you're offering discounts. You want your discounts to…

A/B Testing Idea #171 - Customize your discount promotions by integrating your user's name/details

Your customer will feel more involved in and connected with your coupon code - and therefore be more likely to use it - if you make use of their name to give it a personalised touch. A natural tendency…

A/B Testing Idea #182 - Follow up with a post-purchase question asking them what led to their decision

Asking your customers why they bought your product is a good way of making them think about those reasons and this in turn will reassure them of the purchase they have just made. The happier you can help…

A/B Testing Idea #318 - Simplify your customer's thinking process by doing any calculations for them

People strongly prefer and feel more positive about things that are easy and quick for us to understand. If you want your customer to respond well to information you provide and to feel happy using your…

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