A/B Testing Idea #29 - Select a price which has the smallest amount of letters possible

Tactic_Select a price which has the smallest amount of letters possible


Choosing a price with fewer syllables removes a little of the cognitive strain from your customer and things which are quicker and easier to understand are instantly more familiar. The clearer you can make things the better as people want their user experience to be as stress-free and painless as possible.

Fewer syllables in the price make it more instantly recognisable and will make your customers feel subconsciously more comfortable and in control of their buying situation. They will react to prices displayed in this way more automatically and quickly, so you will have a better chance that they accept this price and follow through with making the purchase.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda


  • Cognitive Ease (Khaneman, 2011)

The Research

Cognitive Ease

The ease with which our brain processes information and how the level of ease impacts how positively we feel about something.

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