7 A/B Testing Ideas Used By Shopify

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #2 - Avoid demanding credit card information when offering free trials

Being required to enter credit card details evokes the negative feelings associated with spending money. Indeed, research has shown that the act of paying really disrupts the pleasure of an experience…

A/B Testing Idea #26 - Use a higher pricing plan as a decoy

Displaying a new pricing plan that is much higher than the others currently offered could be an efficient decoy, worth testing on your site. Offering a pricing plan that is significantly higher…

A/B Testing Idea #27 - Create a decoy-effect by displaying an extra product

Displaying a decoy product at a higher price will change people's perception of the perceived value of your other products on offer. Offering three options instead of two, with the highest price…

A/B Testing Idea #72 - Add strikethroughs for absent features

Adding strikethroughs for absent features on lower cost pricing plans is a great way of showing people what they'll be missing out on. Research shows that people strongly prefer avoiding losses…

A/B Testing Idea #144 - Utilize a multi-step (at least 2) opt-in

Whilst is might seem counter-intuitive, two-step opt-ins are actually more powerful than one-step opt-ins. A One-Step Opt-In consists of simply presenting input fields directly on the page, whilst a Two…

A/B Testing Idea #195 - Add “as featured in” or “recommended by” content

Lending authority to your marketing can be really effective. Certainly in today's society, people are so bombarded with marketing messages that they don't necessarily place a lot of trust in what…

A/B Testing Idea #202 - Don't ask for any non-essential information during the checkout process

When your visitors are in the process of completing their checkout then you don't want to do anything to distract them from this. Don't therefore ask for any non-essential information during this…

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