A/B Testing Idea #26 - Use a higher pricing plan as a decoy

Tactic_Use a higher pricing plan as a decoy


Displaying a new pricing plan that is much higher than the others currently offered could be an efficient decoy, worth testing on your site.

Offering a pricing plan that is significantly higher than the middle plan (or whicheve you hope  your customers to buy) will make this plan seem much more reasonable and like a good deal in comparison.

People will feel like they are getting better value for money because they are "saving" a lot in comparison to the higher option (decoy).


  • Decoy Effect (Huber; Payne & Puto, 1982)

The Research

Decoy Effect

The Decoy Effect is the way in which adding an additional “decoy” item to the table when a customer is making a purchase decision can ultimately influence which decision they make as it is common for us to make use of comparisons to decide the value of something and whether we want to buy it.

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