8 A/B Testing Ideas Used By Survey Monkey

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #10 - Include testimonials (with name, logo and face) on your home page

If you have positive reviews about your products or services then display them on your homepage. Having this "social proof" as one of the first things visitors will see is a proven and&…

A/B Testing Idea #73 - Make the free plan less visible

By making the free plan less visible, you will automatically draw attention to the other (paid) plans offered as they will stand out visually on the page. It is important to display your free offer…

A/B Testing Idea #83 - Ensure to have a page dedicated to your pricing plans

Creating a page that is dedicated solely to your pricing schemes and offers has many benefits. Firstly, it's a simple, clear and effective way of displaying all your prices to your visitor meaning…

A/B Testing Idea #169 - Indicate the number of users who have already created an account

Displaying the number of people who have already signed up to your website or newsletter is an effective persuasion tool. Research has shown that we have a strong tendency to copy others' choices…

A/B Testing Idea #254 - Add the word "Free" directly to your Call-To-Action

It has been proven that spending money actually activates the areas in our brain that are associated with physical pain and feelings of disgust. On the contrary, the term "free" causes us a …

A/B Testing Idea #267 - Display pictures of your team members to enhance their trustworthiness

Obviously you want your site to look professional, but using photos taken from a database showing suited and booted workers with sparkling white smiles will ring as untrue to most customers. Instead, …

A/B Testing Idea #272 - Offer feature-by-feature comparisons

Providing a comparison table will allow your customers to immediately access all the information required for decision-making. Studies have shown that our perceptions are formed by using comparison techniques…

A/B Testing Idea #274 - Display text in such a manner that it focuses the attention to the Call-to-action

Our brains form the majority of the images we “see” and like to be given direction about what to focus on so using visual cues help to draw attention towards certain elements. Lead your visitor…

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