A/B Testing Idea #10 - Include testimonials (with name, logo and face) on your home page

Tactic_Include testimonials (with name, logo and face) on your home page


If you have positive reviews about your products or services then display them on your homepage. Having this "social proof" as one of the first things visitors will see is a proven and effective persuasion technique.

Research has shown that we have a strong tendency to copy others' choices when we are hesitating. Moreover, seeing that someone else has had a positive experience will give your visitors more confidence  to purchase, subscribe or fill in the form.


  • Social Proof (Sherif, 1935; Asch, 1956)

The Research

Social Proof

Social Proof is a type of conformity. When a person is in a situation where they are unsure of the correct way to behave, they will often look to others for cues concerning the correct behaviour.

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