A/B Testing Idea #254 - Add the word "Free" directly to your Call-To-Action

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It has been proven that spending money actually activates the areas in our brain that are associated with physical pain and feelings of disgust. On the contrary, the term "free" causes us a positive and pleasant feeling. Your customers will therefore be much more inclined to click on the Call-to-Action if it explicitly displays the word "free" (for example saying "download for free" or "try for free" instead of just saying "download" or "try"). So if your product or offer is indeed for free, make sure you mention it!


  • Pain of Paying (Prelec & Loewenstein, 1998)

The Research

Pain of Paying

The Pain of Paying explains how the act of paying reduces the pleasure of our purchase and that this “pain of paying” is affected by both the timing between payment and consumption and by the mode of payment.

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