A/B Testing Idea #83 - Ensure to have a page dedicated to your pricing plans

Tactic_Ensure to have a page dedicated to your pricing plans


Creating a page that is dedicated solely to your pricing schemes and offers has many benefits. Firstly, it's a simple, clear and effective way of displaying all your prices to your visitor meaning that they can consult these prices easily without the other potential distractions of your site and will therefore be more likely to make a satisfactory choice.

Secondly, studies have shown that a simple physical act of closure (closing down a tab or shutting a menu etc.) helps to stop us from thinking over our decisions and questioning whether we made the right choice.

With a dedicated pricing page your visitors have had time to look over your various offers, made a decision and will then leave the page, effectively closing the subject psychologically and avoiding any possibilities of regret whilst thinking over the alternative options not taken. Avoiding this will help to increase the overall satisfaction your customer feels with the products or services they have purchased which in turn will lead to return business and happy customers.


  • Choice Closure (Gu; Botti & Faro, 2013; Johnson, 2007)

The Research

Choice Closure

Choice Closure is a concept that describes how being able to complete a physical act of closure after making a choice helps the decision-maker to be much more satisfied with their choice.

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