A/B Testing Idea #195 - Add “as featured in” or “recommended by” content

Tactic_Add “as featured in” or “recommended by” content


Lending authority to your marketing can be really effective. Certainly in today's society, people are so bombarded with marketing messages that they don't necessarily place a lot of trust in what they are told.

Adding an element of impartiality and authority to your product or brand through adding content that shows you are "featured in" or "recommended by" well known authoritative bodies (such as magazines or other respected companies in your field) will lend weight to what you are selling.

It is also proven that we tend to follow the instructions or advice of authority figures even if we're not sure that what they are saying is true as we are socially trained to respect and follow authority without too many questions.


  • Authority Principle (Milgram, 1960; Cialdini, 1984)

The Research

Authority Principle

The Authority Principle describes the way in which we tend to obey authority figures even when what they’re asking of us is questionable.

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