Best A/B Testing Ideas Per Type Of Change

We have broken down the best 250 A/B Testing Ideas into five different categories: ‘Business’, ‘Copy’, ‘Data, ‘Technical’, and ‘Visual Elements’. These categories were created to ease your search process for the tactics that will result to your desired optimisation. If you are more commercially minded, and are interested in the overall operation of your website, the ‘Business’ category will be of help. If you are more interested in the wording of the different elements within your website, then the ‘Copy’ category is for you. If you have a bit of coding experience and are interested in improving the user experience (UX) of your website, then you will enjoy the ‘Technical’ category is for you. If you want a number-focused optimisation, then the ‘Data’ category is for you. If you are concerned with the aesthetic of your website, the category of ‘Visual Elements’ is where you need to look.

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