3 Key Persuasion Tactics Using The 'Zero-Risk Bias'

We have analysed and compiled the 250 best persuasion tactics used by the leading eCommerce and Saas websites (such as Amazon, Booking.com, Dropbox, etc). You can then easily implement them onto your website using the Convertize SmartEditor.

Tactic #6 - Offer & clearly display an attractive guarantee or refund policy

By clearly offering an attractive guarantee or refund policy, customers won't find the process of paying as difficult, or negative, as they will feel that they will be able to return the product…

Tactic #281 - Be careful when using special characters, faults could decrease your credibility

When you create a web page, be careful that you don't have any accidental character faults due to coding problems or lack of care. The kind of symbols that are often seen on web pages, such as ▢ &…

Tactic #309 - Limit frustrations by enabling the possibility to leave a field blank, even after it has been selected

It can often happen that a customer might click into an option or function from a drop down list only to realise that they don't want to select anything but find themselves stuck as they are unable…

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