11 Best Loss aversion persuasion tactics

We have analysed and compiled the 250 best persuasion tactics used by the leading eCommerce and Saas websites (such as Amazon, Booking.com, Dropbox, etc). You can then easily implement them onto your website using the Convertize SmartEditor.

Tactic #9 - Appeal to people's fear of loss (Loss Aversion) rather than emphasising potential gains

Loss aversion is the scientific term that explains how the pain of losing is psychologically about twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. In general, people will be more motivated to act if …

Tactic #48 - Bring less attention to your discount/coupon code

Making your "coupon / promo code" section less visible on the page will reduce the likelihood that those who don't have a code to enter will notice it and suddenly feel as though they'…

Tactic #69 - Create a default option or add-on

If you have a particular option or add-on that you would prefer your customer to choose, then making it a default option will greatly increase the chances of them doing so. Default options are so attractive…

Tactic #70 - Offer the possibility to remove rather than to add elements when users make their own personalised plan

If you are offering your customers the chance to create their own custom plan then it is better to offer by default the plan including all available features. Firstly, studies have shown that we are…

Tactic #72 - Add strikethroughs for absent features

Adding strikethroughs for absent features on lower cost pricing plans is a great way of showing people what they'll be missing out on. Research shows that people strongly prefer avoiding losses…

Tactic #96 - Create urgency by giving a limited timeframe for fast delivery

Offering fast delivery time is a strong motivator for your customers to complete a purchase as we always prefer to take an option that results in quicker gratification. What's more, as you'…

Tactic #156 - Facilitate your user's thoughts before asking them to choose

Whilst offering a default choice is often very effective because it allows people to make a decision in a passive manner - which is often preferred as it requires less mental effort - there are some cases…

Tactic #187 - Display an exit pop-up when people try to leave their basket before completing the checkout process

If your customers have made it to the basket or payment page of your checkout funnel then they've already invested a certain amount of time on your site. The exit pop-up is a good idea to try and …

Tactic #272 - Offer feature-by-feature comparisons

Providing a comparison table will allow your customers to immediately access all the information required for decision-making. Studies have shown that our perceptions are formed by using comparison techniques…

Tactic #286 - Hand out free gifts alongside products bought

The promise of a free gift is a strong incentive to get people to buy. Studies have shown that people are likely to feel compelled to give something back when they receive something for free (it's…

Tactic #300 - Carefully select the period and constraints of your "free trials"

To encourage maximum conversion it is important to pick the right trial length and limitations to play into the idea of scarcity and urgency. Offering a free trial period that is too long can mean that…

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