A/B Testing Idea #100 - Display an exit pop-up when your visitor goes to close the page

Tactic_Display an exit pop-up when your visitor goes to close the page


It happens all too often that your users leave your website because they did not find what they wanted. Perhaps they only visited one or two pages.

Therefore, by setting up an "exit pop-up" when users go to click on the button to close the page, you can present them a pop-up message containing a short text and call-to-action. This could be providing them new information, suggesting they subscribe to your newsletter or informing them of a new/different product.

This is a very effective way of getting their attention and possibly persuading them to stay on your site a bit longer.


  • Loss Aversion (Tversky & Kahneman, 1984)

The Research

Loss Aversion

Loss Aversion explains our tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains.

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