10 A/B Testing Ideas Using The 'Cognitive Dissonance' Principle

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #46 - Reassure your customer on the post-purchase confirmation page and email

Reassure your customers on the purchase or booking they have just made by clearly confirming the transaction has successfully gone through and by sending them a follow-up confirmation email. This will…

A/B Testing Idea #55 - Display social sharing buttons after customers have finalised their purchase

It's important not to miss an opportunity to offer your clients the chance to share your content or their actions on your site on social media as this can greatly boost awareness and popularity. …

A/B Testing Idea #142 - Continuously reassure your customer in their decision

Reassuring your customer about the choice they've made to select or purchase a certain product from your site can greatly influence how satisfied they are with that choice. To aid customer satisfaction…

A/B Testing Idea #144 - Utilize a multi-step (at least 2) opt-in

Whilst is might seem counter-intuitive, two-step opt-ins are actually more powerful than one-step opt-ins. A One-Step Opt-In consists of simply presenting input fields directly on the page, whilst a Two…

A/B Testing Idea #177 - In the check-out page, indicate testimonials from customers who also bought the same product below the call-to-action

By placing testimonials from other customers who have previously bought your product or service just before the final stage of payment, you are offering reassurance to your customers by showing them how…

A/B Testing Idea #178 - Display "how-to" videos related to products on the checkout page

By placing instructional and informative "how-to" videos just before the final stage of payment, you are offering reassurance to your customers by showing them how easy to use and interesting…

A/B Testing Idea #180 - Congratulate your customers on their booking or purchase

Congratulating your clients on the purchase or booking they have just made will induce positive feelings and help to therefore reassure them on their choice to complete this transaction. The happier you…

A/B Testing Idea #182 - Follow up with a post-purchase question asking them what led to their decision

Asking your customers why they bought your product is a good way of making them think about those reasons and this in turn will reassure them of the purchase they have just made. The happier you can help…

A/B Testing Idea #183 - Congratulate your user's decisions at every step of your funnel

Don't hesitate to congratulate your customers on their purchases. This constant confirmation that they are making a good choice will cement feelings of positivity and satisfaction around their purchase…

A/B Testing Idea #196 - Provide reassurance by displaying trust symbols

Trust symbols are a great and immediately impactful way to reassure your customers by showing that they can make a payment securely. Even a small factor of uncertainty can disrupt the payment process…

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