A/B Testing Idea #142 - Continuously reassure your customer in their decision

Tactic_Continuously reassure your customer in their decision


Reassuring your customer about the choice they've made to select or purchase a certain product from your site can greatly influence how satisfied they are with that choice. To aid customer satisfaction it is essential to avoid post-purchase dissonance (the feeling that you might have made the wrong decision) and reinforcing their choice in this simple way can help with this.

In any case, humans are indeed prone to look back on decisions that they have made in a biased way; attributing positive memories to their choices and convincing themselves that it was the best possible decision.

This means that they are open to other opinions that corroborate this theory and so reassuring them on their decision will only help to increase their post-choice satisfaction.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger, 1957)
  • Choice-supportive bias (Henkel & Mather, 2000)

The Research

Cognitive Dissonance

We prefer it when all our attitudes and beliefs are held in harmony and, when they aren’t, this produces an uncomfortable and detrimental Cognitive Dissonance.

Choice-supportive bias

The fact that when we recall a past decision, we distort our memories so that the choices we made appear to be the best possible.

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