A/B Testing Idea #183 - Congratulate your user's decisions at every step of your funnel

Tactic_Congratulate your user's decisions at every step of your funnel


Don't hesitate to congratulate your customers on their purchases. This constant confirmation that they are making a good choice will cement feelings of positivity and satisfaction around their purchase and will lead to more post-purchase satisfaction as well. Indeed, we tend to remember our choices as being good ones anyway as we like to convince ourselves that we have behaved correctly and made good decisions. By adding to this pre-disposition with affirming messages and praise, which can be awarded to customers throughout the conversional funnel and in a post-purchase email, high satisfaction levels will be ensured.


  • Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger, 1957)
  • Choice-supportive bias (Henkel & Mather, 2000)

The Research

Cognitive Dissonance

We prefer it when all our attitudes and beliefs are held in harmony and, when they aren’t, this produces an uncomfortable and detrimental Cognitive Dissonance.

Choice-supportive bias

The fact that when we recall a past decision, we distort our memories so that the choices we made appear to be the best possible.

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