7 A/B Testing Ideas Using The 'Self Efficacy Theory' Principle

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #4 - To demonstrate how easy your site is to use, offer 'how-to' pages and prioritise video format

If you show your visitors how easy it is for them to act (i.e. to complete an action on your website, or to utilise one of your products, or services) by providing "how-to" pages and videos…

A/B Testing Idea #39 - Offer immediate feedback on completed fields

Letting your customer know instantly whether information they have entered is correct or incorrect will help to make the whole process clearer and easier. Research has shown that people are more motivated…

A/B Testing Idea #146 - Show customers' feedback near offering or Call-to-action

Showing potential customers the positive feedback from others who have already purchased a product, used a service or signed up for membership etc. is an effective persuasion technique. Not only does…

A/B Testing Idea #163 - Use pictograms to help visitors visualise the simplicity of a process or task

The more your visitor is convinced of the simplicity of an action on your site (for example your purchase or registration process), the more motivated they will be to complete it. Using simple, clear …

A/B Testing Idea #268 - Use interactive images rather than static ones

Research has shown that consumers are generally more drawn to interactive images than static ones. The interactive images provide a "fun" aspect to the user experience thanks, for example, to…

A/B Testing Idea #275 - Allow users, with your search bar, to jump to suggestions based on what they typed

In order to increase conversion rates, simply help your customer to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Offering suggestions in the search bar based on what the customer …

A/B Testing Idea #278 - Emphasise your users, rather than yourself, who have used and endorsed your products

Studies have shown that individuals tend to follow others' choices or behaviour when trying to make decisions. We automatically presume that if lots of our peers are doing something or buying a particular…

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