A/B Testing Idea #275 - Allow users, with your search bar, to jump to suggestions based on what they typed

Tactic_Allow users, with your search bar, to jump to suggestions based on what they typed


In order to increase conversion rates, simply help your customer to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Offering suggestions in the search bar based on what the customer is typing is one easy way to do this. For instance, rather than listing irrelevant items in alphabetical or category order on the search bar drop-down, you should list relevant items based on what the customer has begun typing. For example, if they begin to type the word "table" in the search bar, then offer them quick suggestions such as garden table, kitchen table, dining table, etc. 

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Self-efficacy Theory (Bandura, 1984)
  • Processing Efficacy (Jacoby & Dallas, 1981)

The Research

Self-efficacy Theory

Self-efficacy theory explains the way in which a person’s belief in their own competence to complete a task affects the way they approach and perceive this task.

Processing Efficacy

We tend to prefer things that are simple for us to understand or use.

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