A/B Testing Idea #163 - Use pictograms to help visitors visualise the simplicity of a process or task

Tactic_Use pictograms to help visitors visualise the simplicity of a process or task


The more your visitor is convinced of the simplicity of an action on your site (for example your purchase or registration process), the more motivated they will be to complete it. Using simple, clear visuals is a great way of imparting this information and encouraging your visitor to complete an action.

It will also give them a way of following their progress thanks to the stages or steps clearly set out, which will help to generate a positive feeling of advancement as well as a certain accomplishment once the action is completed.


  • Self-efficacy Theory (Bandura, 1984)
  • Zeigarnik Effect (Zeigarnik, 1920)

The Research

Self-efficacy Theory

Self-efficacy theory explains the way in which a person’s belief in their own competence to complete a task affects the way they approach and perceive this task.

Zeigarnik Effect

Incomplete tasks stick in your mind more than ones you have completed.

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