A/B Testing Idea #268 - Use interactive images rather than static ones

Tactic_Use interactive images rather than static ones


Research has shown that consumers are generally more drawn to interactive images than static ones. The interactive images provide a "fun" aspect to the user experience thanks, for example, to the 3D visualisation of a product. In addition to this fun aspect, it allows customers to better visualise the product, making it almost tangible, which will give them the ability to imagine owning it and encourage purchase conversion. This practice is recommended mostly with products that benefit from being touched or closely looked at, such as clothing, artwork, jewellery, etc. 


  • Self-efficacy Theory (Bandura, 1984)
  • Information Bias (Baron; Beattie & Hershey, 1988)

The Research

Self-efficacy Theory

Self-efficacy theory explains the way in which a person’s belief in their own competence to complete a task affects the way they approach and perceive this task.

Information Bias

The tendency to seek out information, thinking that it will lead us to make a better decision, even when that information is of no real help.

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