10 A/B Testing Ideas Using The 'Perceived Value Pricing' Principle

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #65 - Reduce the left digit by one and minimise the digits after the decimal

Reducing your price by one cent or penny can make all the difference when it results in the left digit going down by one. Whereas $3.89 to $3.87 wouldn't be of any consequence $4.00 to $3.99 definitely…

A/B Testing Idea #73 - Make the free plan less visible

By making the free plan less visible, you will automatically draw attention to the other (paid) plans offered as they will stand out visually on the page. It is important to display your free offer…

A/B Testing Idea #78 - For high numbers, more than five digits, prices should not be rounded

Careful and precise pricing is particularly important when dealing with a large sum of money. It has been shown that when purchasing a car, for example, people will actually pay more money when the prices…

A/B Testing Idea #79 - High-end products should not be bundled with low-end ones

The price of a product is not only based on its value itself but on the perception that users have of it.  When you sell products together, by making a bundled offer for example, do not mix…

A/B Testing Idea #106 - Give the possibility to pay in instalments

The way in which a price is presented to your customer can greatly influence how they perceive the value of it. For example, offering people the option to pay in installments will subconsciously make …

A/B Testing Idea #107 - Demonstrate the per day cost of monthly or yearly plans

Rather than only showing the yearly or monthly cost of a subscription, it can be effective to also display the daily equivalent. Studies have shown that we use a first piece of information as an anchoring…

A/B Testing Idea #116 - When price is below 100 ($,£,€) show discounts in percentage form rather than in absolute value

By displaying discounts in percentage rather than in value when product price is below 100 (£/$/€), you make your promotions seem as attractive as possible by altering the way you frame…

A/B Testing Idea #117 - Explain the logic behind the promotion

Whilst offering discounts is a great way of moving stock, you don't want your customers to be left wondering why certain products are discounted and potentially questioning the quality of the product…

A/B Testing Idea #118 - Give discounts which are simple to calculate

Using precise, non-rounded numbers is a good way of making your prices seem smaller but one occasion when you don't want to do this is when you're offering discounts. You want your discounts to…

A/B Testing Idea #265 - Utilize numbers in your header

It has been shown that a title containing numbers attract our look more often and therefore would increase the conversion rate. These figures don't need to be very sophisticated. "30-day free…

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