2 Key Persuasion Tactics Using The 'Visual Cueing'

We have analysed and compiled the 250 best persuasion tactics used by the leading eCommerce and Saas websites (such as Amazon, Booking.com, Dropbox, etc). You can then easily implement them onto your website using the Convertize SmartEditor.

Tactic #148 - Nudge your visitor to your Call-to-action through arrows and visual cues

Your visitor's brains will be immediately drawn towards familiar visual elements (like arrows) as they notice and understand these visuals more quickly than any other information on the page. Utilising…

Tactic #274 - Display text in such a manner that it focuses the attention to the Call-to-action

Our brains form the majority of the images we “see” and like to be given direction about what to focus on so using visual cues help to draw attention towards certain elements. Lead your visitor…

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