8 A/B Testing Ideas Using The 'Need For CertaintyUncertainty' Principle

This is the ultimate library of the Best A/B Testing Ideas: We have compiled 250 A/B Testing Ideas that you can try on your website to optimize your conversion rates and increase your revenues.

A/B Testing Idea #45 - Provide a free option for in-store pick-up

By providing a free store pick-up option, your customers will be giving customers three advantageous options: the option of avoiding delivery charges (awarding the pleasure of paying less); choosing the…

A/B Testing Idea #50 - Display clearly the 3 main benefits of registering

if you do not offer a guest checkout option, you should clearly explain to your customers the advantages of registering (to encourage them to take the time to do so). By showcasing just the 3 main …

A/B Testing Idea #98 - Ask yourself if your call-to-action is persuasive enough

You want your Call-to-Action (CTA) text to tell people immediately why they should click on it and to help persuade your visitors to proceed forward with a positive action. Using engaging and persuasive…

A/B Testing Idea #200 - Test a multi-page checkout process against a single one

To reduce bounce rate during the checkout process, test using a one-page solution: that is to say, display all the different steps - billing, shipping and payment - on one page rather than having a new…

A/B Testing Idea #261 - Instead of trying too hard to sell, be more specific in your sales argument

Arguments or tag-lines that are too fluffy and reminiscent of an unfounded sales pitch - such as "our customers love us" or "our software is very reliable" - can be effective in the…

A/B Testing Idea #301 - Limit human error by disabling or replacing your call-to-action after users select it

Once your customer clicks on a Call-to-Action, disable or remove it to indicate that they have already clicked once and the action has been performed. This will prevent your customer from being tempted…

A/B Testing Idea #307 - Add conditions before letting users enact irreversible changes, such as deleting their account

For instance, do not allow your customers to accidentally delete their project on your SaaS platform. Indeed, it is happening often that a person unintentionally deletes his work. Prevent this by asking…

A/B Testing Idea #314 - When displaying error messages, include relevant indicators

When displaying error messages, make sure that you clearly explain the reason for the error. If your user is getting error messages without anything to tell them why it can't be validated and how …

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