A/B Testing Idea #50 - Display clearly the 3 main benefits of registering

Tactic_Display clearly the 3 main benefits of registering


if you do not offer a guest checkout option, you should clearly explain to your customers the advantages of registering (to encourage them to take the time to do so).

By showcasing just the 3 main benefits, you can make your point clear, unambiguous and simple to digest, which will give you more chance of convincing your customers that it is worth their while to register.


  • Ambiguity Effect (Ellsberg, 1961)
  • Need for Certainty/Uncertainty (Kagan, 1972)
  • Focusing Effect (Schkade & Kahneman, 1998)

The Research

Ambiguity Effect

The Ambiguity Effect describes people’s preference for known risks over unknown risks.

Need for Certainty/Uncertainty

The paradox between the fact that our brain likes to know what is going on and to feel certain, and the fact that uncertainty is also a human need and can lead to action and creativity.

Focusing Effect

The Focusing Effect (or Focusing Illusion as it is otherwise known) is the way in which the human mind places too much emphasis on certain limited factors when making decisions.

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