A/B Testing Idea #200 - Test a multi-page checkout process against a single one

Tactic_Test a multi-page checkout process against a single one


To reduce bounce rate during the checkout process, test using a one-page solution: that is to say, display all the different steps - billing, shipping and payment - on one page rather than having a new page for each. This will give customers a quick and immediate sense of the steps they need to complete in order to make their purchase, which will give a comforting certainty as well as make the process appear shorter. By displaying the funnel clearly in this way, it will also encourage completion of the full task. It has been proven that once having begun a task, we tend to feel a strong desire to follow-through and complete it and so allowing customers to clearly and quickly see which parts they have finished and which are left to go will incite this reaction and lead to higher conversion.


  • Zeigarnik Effect (Zeigarnik, 1920)
  • Need for Certainty/Uncertainty (Kagan, 1972)

The Research

Zeigarnik Effect

Incomplete tasks stick in your mind more than ones you have completed.

Need for Certainty/Uncertainty

The paradox between the fact that our brain likes to know what is going on and to feel certain, and the fact that uncertainty is also a human need and can lead to action and creativity.

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