A/B Testing Idea #303 - As a user completes a form, unlock other sections

Tactic_As a user completes a form, unlock other sections


Rather than giving your customer access to an entire form in block layout, split your form into steps that they can unlock themselves. This will make the form seem less daunting and more bite-sized and will encourage completion. The fist step will only include a few simple fields that are easily completed, but once the customer has done so they will then feel more inclined to continue on and complete the following steps. In fact, they will feel a positive sensation in knowing they have correctly completed the first step and will be encouraged to continue on to the next, and the next after that. It is also a useful way of excluding information that will only be relevant for certain people. For example, making questions such as "number of children" or "additional insurance" etc. opt-in only will remove them from the sights of those who don't need to fill out these sections, again making the form look as easy and manageable as possible.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Split-attention Effect (Tarmizi & Sweller, 1988)

The Research

Split-attention Effect

The Split-attention Effect is the way in which human cognitive processing isn’t as receptive to information that is presented separately as when it is combined into one easily digestible format.

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