A/B Testing Idea #328 - Avoid placing advertising on top of lists of products

Tactic_Avoid placing advertising on top of lists of products


It is best to make sure that your customer's attention is fully focused on the main factors that will lead to conversion. Therefore it isn't advisable to have ad banners places above your product list. Not only might this be a distraction for them from their original conversion purpose, but it may cause confusion. Your visitors may think that the header is related to their search and they may be tempted to click on it thinking that it is an option or a filter. If the ads are relevant to their search, it is still better to position them elsewhere on the page, leaving the product list clear of any confusion.


  • Split-attention Effect (Tarmizi & Sweller, 1988)
  • Paradox of Choice (Schwartz, 2004)

The Research

Split-attention Effect

The Split-attention Effect is the way in which human cognitive processing isn’t as receptive to information that is presented separately as when it is combined into one easily digestible format.

Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice explains the fact that having too much choice can in fact lead individuals to reach less effective and satisfactory decisions that they would have if presented with less choice.

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