A/B Testing Idea #36 - Create a dedicated search bar within a specific range of products

Tactic_Create a dedicated search bar within a specific range of products


Research shows that information overload and too much choice results in less effective and satisfying decisions than when less information is presented or fewer options are on offer. It can also lead visitors to become overwhelmed and to quit your site before converting. In order to aid your customer in finding what they need quickly and efficiently, offer a dedicated search bar within a specific range of products. This means that once they have begun their search, they can continue to refine it in order to find what they're looking for. More often, a customer will enter a category such as "televisions" then decide they want to find 82-inch televisions. But, once they type "82 inch" into the search bar, they find they are redirected to a site-wide search that widens rather than refines their search. Ensure that you have dedicated search bars for customers to search within any given product category to avoid this frustration and lack of conversion.


  • Paradox of Choice (Schwartz, 2004)

The Research

Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice explains the fact that having too much choice can in fact lead individuals to reach less effective and satisfactory decisions that they would have if presented with less choice.

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