A/B Testing Idea #298 - Display your call-to-action as a visual animation

Tactic_Display your call-to-action as a visual animation


Introducing a Call-To-Action (CTA) using a floating animation that appears after a few moments could help increase conversions. Drawing attention to the Call-To-Action is essential for getting people to click on it and we always tend to notice things that stand out. Therefore, the more attention-catching you can make your Call-To-Action the better. A floating animation on an otherwise static page will be sure to catch the eye of your visitor and the movement will ensure that they take the time to really look at it, leading to an increased click-rate.


  • Von Restorff Effect (Von Restorff, 1933; Gardner, 1983; Taylor & Fiske, 1978)

The Research

Von Restorff Effect

An effect named after the psychiatrist who first studied it (Hedwig von Restorff), whereby individuals take note of and remember unusual or unique items more rapidly than other more uniform items.

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