A/B Testing Idea #114 - Emphasise the experiential advantages over the monetary ones

Tactic_Emphasise the experiential advantages over the monetary ones


It's a good idea to avoid references to money when presenting your products to customers and instead to place emphasis on the experience that they will enjoy using them.

People place more value on the experience than the money and focusing on that will allow them to connect with your product or service. 

The connection with the product is more emotional and effective but this also allows you to avoid any reference to the money they have to spend to get it (even you are pointing out a saving, it still draws attention to the fact of having to pay).

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Time versus Money Effect (Mogilner & Aaker, 2009)

The Research

Time versus Money Effect

When selling a product, making reference to the time a customer will spend with that product rather than to any money that will be spent (or even saved) in order to have it is a much more effective way of inciting a positive reaction.

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