A/B Testing Idea #190 - Feature testimonials from target audience peers rather than celebrities

Tactic_Feature testimonials from target audience peers rather than celebrities


The main objective of displaying testimonials is to help your site visitors to identify with these, place trust in them and therefore decide to become customers as well.

We're more likely to identify with and trust other members of the same target audience as we see them as being similar to us with the same interests and habits etc. This means that the testimonial of a customer who we see as being similar to ourselves can be much more effective than that of someone with whom we are unable to identify (whether that be a celebrity or someone from a very different area of interest - for example, someone who is looking to buy running gear will not have much interest in a testimonial from someone talking about swimming goggles).

It's therefore very important to display relevant customer testimonials which people looking at a certain product will connect and engage with. This will help to build trust in the product you are trying to sell and make it much more likely that visitors will be converted in to new customers.


  • In-group Bias (Sumner, 1906; Tajfel, 1982; Maas & Acuri, 1996)

The Research

In-group Bias

In-group Bias is a pattern whereby humans tend to favour members of their own “in” group over people from outside of that group.

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