A/B Testing Idea #82 - Give your pricing plans relatable, helpful names

Tactic_Give your pricing plans relatable, helpful names


The names you use for your pricing plans can really make a difference. By using names that your customers are familiar with, you will trigger an immediate emotional response that will enhance their positivity towards the available options.

People prefer things that they are familiar with and that their brains are more easily able to recognise and digest. So by using recognisable and familiar names that allow customers to see quickly and easily which pricing plan might be best for them, you are automatically putting them at ease and allowing their cognitive processing to happen fluently and with little upset or frustration.


  • Social Cognition (Pelham; Carvallo & Jones, 2003)
  • Processing Efficacy (Jacoby & Dallas, 1981)

The Research

Social Cognition

Social Cognition explains the way that most people associate positively with themselves and therefore tend to prefer things that are connected to them.

Processing Efficacy

We tend to prefer things that are simple for us to understand or use.

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