A/B Testing Idea #102 - If human pictures are used, the gaze should point towards crucial parts of your website

Tactic_If human pictures are used, the gaze should point towards crucial parts of your website


As humans, we have a natural, innate tendency to follow's others' gazes. It is an important social stimulus and often the way we learn about the world as we are growing up.

This can therefore be an effective way of drawing your website visitors' attention towards a particular element on your page. Not only that, but it also increases chances that they will convert as the presence of another human face whose gaze seems to be encouraging them to complete the action will give them more motivation to do so.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Gaze Cueing (Perrett; Hietanen; Oram & Benson, 1992; Baron-Cohen, 1995; Emery, 2000; Frischen; Bayliss & Tipper, 2007)

The Research

Gaze Cueing

Gaze Cueing explains how we are automatically attracted to others’ gazes and lines of sight, whether that be looking directly in to someone’s eyes during a face-to-face conversation or the way in which we tend to follow the gaze of others to see what they are looking at.

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