A/B Testing Idea #131 - If you don't know their name, use "you" or "your" to personalise the message

Tactic_If you don't know their name, use


By using a personal pronoun instead of an impersonal form, you immediately involve your customer in the situation or product you're referencing, which will trigger a subtle emotional response and make them feel more connected and involved.

It also adds that important "human" element, which will help make your customer feel as though they are interacting with a somebody rather than a something. By using "you" or "your" you make your customer feel special, as if they're being directly spoken to, and they will be more likely to feel a connection and interact further with your brand and website.

It can even make them feel as though they are already part of your membership scheme, already own that product, or already use your service, which will increase their desire to actually do so.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Social Cognition (Pelham; Carvallo & Jones, 2003)

The Research

Social Cognition

Social Cognition explains the way that most people associate positively with themselves and therefore tend to prefer things that are connected to them.

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