A/B Testing Idea #137 - Increase the size of terms which convey sentiments

Tactic_Increase the size of terms which convey sentiments


Words that convey emotion are important parts of your content as these are trigger words that will elicit a response and engagement from your visitor.

Studies have shown that we pay more attention to things that we connect with emotionally and that we also remember these things more clearly and for longer.

So making use of emotive words in your content (pleasure, joy, desire, etc.) is a great and easy way to stimulate your visitors in a positive way. Placing emphasis on these words through making them larger or writing them in capitals etc. will enhance this effect even further as they will stand out immediately to your visitors who will then focus on these elements over other less important ones on the page.

Effectively enhancing the positive attitude your customer has towards your brand or product in this way will obviously affect their decision-making (about whether to buy or sign up etc.) and will ensure they remember you more easily as well.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Focusing Effect (Schkade & Kahneman, 1998)
  • Attentional bias (Bradley & al., 1996; Buodo & al., 2002; Pessoa & Ungerleider, 2004; Vuilleumier, 2005)

The Research

Focusing Effect

The Focusing Effect (or Focusing Illusion as it is otherwise known) is the way in which the human mind places too much emphasis on certain limited factors when making decisions.

Attentional bias

Attentional bias is the way in which human beings notice and pay much more attention to things that touch us emotionally.

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