A/B Testing Idea #302 - Limit human error and frustration by only offering possible inputs in fields

Tactic_Limit human error and frustration by only offering possible inputs in fields


In order to avoid preventable errors and possible frustration on the part of your customer, don't give them the ability to enter incorrect information. For example, as in the above drawing, when someone is required to input a date, make sure they can only select from a list of relevant information. This will make user experience much clearer and more intuitive, and the easier and more pleasant your customer finds your site to use, the more likely they will be to convert.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Cognitive Ease (Khaneman, 2011)
  • Cognitive Friction (Sweller, 1988)
  • Autonomy bias (Deci, 1971; Ryan, 2008)

The Research

Cognitive Ease

The ease with which our brain processes information and how the level of ease impacts how positively we feel about something.

Cognitive Friction

Learning happens best under conditions that are aligned with human cognitive architecture.

Autonomy bias

We prefer situations that we have control over.

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