A/B Testing Idea #173 - Offer a FREE upgrade to a better delivery option with first purchase or referal

Tactic_Offer a FREE upgrade to a better delivery option with first purchase or referal


Providing a free upgrade to express delivery for new customers is a strategy based on the "give and take" idea: you provide your client with something of value (free express delivery) so that they are more likely to give something in return (making the purchase or becoming a return customer).

Offering this kind of promotion will be worth any money spent on the free express delivery offered as it will ultimately lead to more purchases and profit.


  • Reciprocity Principle (Cialdini, 2006; Coffee, 2013; Wedekind & Milinski, 2000)

The Research

Reciprocity Principle

The reciprocity principle is based on the “give and take” idea: if you provide me with something of value, I will be more likely to provide you with something of value in return.

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