A/B Testing Idea #47 - Offer visitors the option to create an account AFTER checking out

Tactic_Offer visitors the option to create an account AFTER checking out


There’s nothing more aggravating than being presented with the “Register to Create an Account!” pop-up before you can complete your order. This can often put people off continuing with their purchase as they can't be bothered with the hassle of filling out all their information.

It also delays the payment process which can also give people more time to think through whether they really want to purchase the item.

It's much better to encourage people to sign up with you after they've made their purchase as they will be more likely to want to create an account in order to be able to track delivery etc.


  • Hobson's +1 Choice Effect (Hobson, 1544-1631; Schwartz, 2004)
  • Autonomy bias (Deci, 1971; Ryan, 2008)
  • Pain of Paying (Prelec & Loewenstein, 1998)

The Research

Hobson's +1 Choice Effect

The Hobson’s +1 Choice Effect explains the way that giving people the option to choose between two things actually makes them more likely to choose the option that you want (purchasing your product) than if you only give them the option to only do that or nothing at all.

Autonomy bias

We prefer situations that we have control over.

Pain of Paying

The Pain of Paying explains how the act of paying reduces the pleasure of our purchase and that this “pain of paying” is affected by both the timing between payment and consumption and by the mode of payment.

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