A/B Testing Idea #262 - Prioritise 1st person pronouns

Tactic_Prioritise 1st person pronouns


The power of "we" or "our" is not to be underestimated. We are social and group-dwelling beings, people, and we feel most comfortable and positive when we are included as part of a group. Therefore, instead of excluding your visitor by using "they" or other 3rd person pronouns, include them in the most basic way by using 1st person plural pronouns instead.

In the above example, your visitor will immediately feel implicated in the positive attributes being attached to your product or service which will make it seem much more attractive. Using 1st person plural pronouns will make visitors feel as though they are already part of the group enjoying a product or partaking in an event and will therefore be more likely to follow through on any subsequent actions required to make this a reality.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • In-group Bias (Sumner, 1906; Tajfel, 1982; Maas & Acuri, 1996)
  • Cheerleader Effect (Walker & Vul, 2013)

The Research

In-group Bias

In-group Bias is a pattern whereby humans tend to favour members of their own “in” group over people from outside of that group.

Cheerleader Effect

The Cheerleader Effect is the way in which individual items become more attractive to us when presented in a group.

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