A/B Testing Idea #61 - Product name should be descriptive and unique

Tactic_Product name should be descriptive and unique


Choose a product names that is descriptive and unique. Indeed, having a descriptive name simplifies the understanding of the product and avoid confusion for your customers. In addition it helps to boost your SEO. Then a unique name allows you to avoid to face too much competition. Indeed, many products have the same name and it becomes more difficult for your customers to find yours, and it goes without saying that it is also very bad for your SEO. Therefore prefer a full, descriptive and unique product name.


  • Curse of Knowledge (Camerer; Loewenstein & Weber, 1989; Newton, 1990)
  • Information Bias (Baron; Beattie & Hershey, 1988)

The Research

Curse of Knowledge

The Curse of Knowledge is a cognitive bias that prevents those who are better informed from understanding something from the point of view of a lesser-informed party.

Information Bias

The tendency to seek out information, thinking that it will lead us to make a better decision, even when that information is of no real help.

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