A/B Testing Idea #49 - Provide an incentive to share on social media

Tactic_Provide an incentive to share on social media


Offering an incentive to your visitors to share your content or their purchases on social media will obviously increase the chances of encouraging them to do so.

This incentive could be anything from offering a discount (such as shown in the image) or another tangible or symbolic reward.

Studies have shown that this type of added motivation - called extrinsic motivation - is particularly effective in encouraging people to carry out small tasks. So asking people to do something as simple as share on social media will seem like an easy way to receive something in return and will vastly increase your chances of this happening.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Extrinsic Motivation (Deci & Ryan, 1985-2000; Glucksberg, 1962)

The Research

Extrinsic Motivation

A person’s motivation can be intrinsic (based on an internal factor or personal interest) or extrinsic (based on an external factor) and these two types of motivation will have a varying degree of influence depending on the context.

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