A/B Testing Idea #185 - Use exit surveys to get feedback and boost your likability

Tactic_ Use exit surveys to get feedback and boost your likability


It's proven that people enjoy giving their opinion and to be asked for feedback. What's more if you ask for this using simply a short, easy-to-complete survey then you really increase your chances that people will do this for you. Succeeding in this is doubly useful: firstly, you will receive some helpful feedback that you can then implement to improve your site and services and, secondly, you will boost your own likability.

This is because, as studies have shown, people who carry out a favour or "service" for someone are much more likely to take away a positive impression of that person because we use it as a self-justification reason as to why we are helping them out.

Therefore, getting your customers to complete a survey for your will boost their positive feelings towards your brand and site, which will ultimately lead to them coming back to make further purchases with you.


  • Ben Franklin Effect (Franklin, 1732-1758; Jecker & Landy, 1969; Limperos & al., 2014)

The Research

Ben Franklin Effect

Doing someone a favour leads us to feel more favourably towards that person and to be more inclined to do them a second or third, etc. The opposite effect also exists, whereby we project dislike on to people we haven’t treated well.

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