A/B Testing Idea #255 - Utilize numerical values to convey more persuasive messages

Tactic_Utilize numerical values to convey more persuasive messages


Most people have a strong tendency to ignore generic and basic information and prefer to focus on recent or specific information.

Therefore, in your content and titles, insist on statistics or specific elements in order to attract the attention of your users to them and persuade them. You can give "a boost" to your numbers by being creative whilst still being accurate.

For example, you could say "100% of customers active within the last 30 days would recommend us" instead of "75% of all customers would recommend us".


  • Attentional bias (Bradley & al., 1996; Buodo & al., 2002; Pessoa & Ungerleider, 2004; Vuilleumier, 2005)
  • Base rate fallacy (D. Kahneman)

The Research

Attentional bias

Attentional bias is the way in which human beings notice and pay much more attention to things that touch us emotionally.

Base rate fallacy

Base Rate Fallacy also known as base rate neglect is an error which occurs when the prior base rates are neglected in favour of the latest piece of information presented. In other words, it is the mind's tendency to ignore statistic and base rates. 

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