A/B Testing Idea #105 - Visually display in a list format rather than a grid

Tactic_Visually display in a list format rather than a grid


Simply changing the way in which your products are displayed can make a significant difference to how comfortable your users feel interacting with your site. If you have good quality images, using a grid view - which puts emphasis on these images - can help customers to instantly view the primary aesthetics of your products and encourage them to click through on to the products' individual pages.

Inversely, if your images aren't the strongest selling point of your products then it's perhaps best to use a list view instead, with clear, concise descriptions that highlight the strongest benefits. In either case, offering your customers the choice between using a grid or list view will allow them to make their own decision on which they prefer and will enhance their experience of using your site.

It's a good idea to follow the movements of your visitors on this subject and to make use of cookies to save their preferences for when they next visit.


  • Paradox of Choice (Schwartz, 2004)
  • Picture Superiority Effect (Paivio, 1971; Hockey, 2008)

The Research

Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice explains the fact that having too much choice can in fact lead individuals to reach less effective and satisfactory decisions that they would have if presented with less choice.

Picture Superiority Effect

Picture Superiority Effect is the way that we tend to remember images for much longer than words, so using images alongside text or even using images alone is much more effective than just using text.

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