A/B Testing Idea #111 - When prices change, make the change stand out by displaying them with different font sizes

Tactic_When prices change, make the change stand out by displaying them with different font sizes


Displaying a previous, higher price alongside your current price is a great way of convincing people that what you're offering is good value. One easy and effective way to enhance this though is to visually distinguish the old and new prices.

People will misattribute a physical distinction to a numerical distinction (i.e. the more different the two prices displayed look visually, the greater people will perceive the difference in price to be).

So using a different colour, font size, placement or even crossing out the old, higher price are all ways that you can remove the similarities between this and your new, lower price and enhance people's perceptions of the difference between the two.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Magnitude Encoding Process (Oppenheimer; LeBoeuf & Brewer, 2007; Coulter & Coulter, 2005; Thomas & Morwitz, 2005)

The Research

Magnitude Encoding Process

The way in which we perceive pricing can be affected by the way in which it is presented to us and so making use of size, placement or colour, for example, can influence how small the price appears to be.

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