A/B Testing Idea #184 - Ask your customer to share feedback

Tactic_Ask your customer to share feedback


If you want to build up your social media community and generate organic publicity then asking customers to share feedback on products they've purchased from you can be very effective.

Once we've purchased a good, we tend to attribute a greater value to it as we become psychologically attached to things that we already have in our possession. This will lend itself to a generally positive review of purchased items and so sending out an email asking customers to share their feedback after they've received your product can be very beneficial.

Asking your customers to do you a small, easy "favour" such as sharing their purchase from your site can also help to generate positive feelings towards your brand in general.

It has been proven that when we do someone a favour, we then feel more favourable towards them in general. Our actions actually dictate to our thoughts and emotions as we reason that we obviously did something for this person because we like them.


  • Ben Franklin Effect (Franklin, 1732-1758; Jecker & Landy, 1969; Limperos & al., 2014)
  • Endowment Effect (Kahneman; Knetsch & Thaler, 1990)

The Research

Ben Franklin Effect

Doing someone a favour leads us to feel more favourably towards that person and to be more inclined to do them a second or third, etc. The opposite effect also exists, whereby we project dislike on to people we haven’t treated well.

Endowment Effect

The Endowment Effect is the way in which we tend to give greater value to things that we already possess.

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