A/B Testing Idea #289 - Condense your content to avoid losing the attention of your user

Tactic_Condense your content to avoid losing the attention of your user


Make your blocks of content compact. That is to say, you should avoid trapping negative (i.e. useless, empty) space within your layout. For example, in the left-hand image above, you can see that there are lots of empty spaces between the blocks of content that serve no purpose and causes the layout to lack hierarchy and organisation. In the right-hand image, the content is clearly laid out, which will make it easier to process and more appealing for the visitor to read. The easier and more pleasant you can make it for visitors to process your information, the more likely they are to stick on the page and ultimately convert.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Processing Efficacy (Jacoby & Dallas, 1981)

The Research

Processing Efficacy

We tend to prefer things that are simple for us to understand or use.

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