A/B Testing Idea #103 - Create a sense of trust by focusing users' attention to pictures they can relate to

Tactic_Create a sense of trust by focusing users' attention to pictures they can relate to


Don't simply use random images on your website; it is best to encourage your customers to identify with the image. For instance, if you sell DIY products to private individuals, the most effective images will show an ordinary person tinkering with the kind of products you sell rather than putting an image of a professional plumber or other DIY-related business. Your customer will feel as though the image is more representative of what they will be doing and will thus feel closer to your products.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Picture Superiority Effect (Paivio, 1971; Hockey, 2008)
  • Attentional bias (Bradley & al., 1996; Buodo & al., 2002; Pessoa & Ungerleider, 2004; Vuilleumier, 2005)

The Research

Picture Superiority Effect

Picture Superiority Effect is the way that we tend to remember images for much longer than words, so using images alongside text or even using images alone is much more effective than just using text.

Attentional bias

Attentional bias is the way in which human beings notice and pay much more attention to things that touch us emotionally.

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