A/B Testing Idea #85 - Decrease the number of fields necessary to complete a form

Tactic_Decrease the number of fields necessary to complete a form


Don't ask your customers for too much information in your initial sign up form. This is likely to put them off as they won't want to spend the time or the mental energy on filling out multiple fields. Minimise what you're asking for and reduce cognitive friction in order to increase the chances that they will follow through and complete the form.

Encouraging the completion of this one small task will also increase the likelihood of them completing other actions on your site (fill out other forms or information, or make purchases) as they are then "engaged" in continuing in the same manner.


  • Commitment and Consistency (Cialdini, 1984)

The Research

Commitment and Consistency

Once we have publicly committed to something or someone, then we are more likely to carry through and deliver on that commitment in order to be consistent.

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